A lot can happen while you’re sleeping

24/7/365 service leaves no gaps in coverage.

Real-time monitoring of alerts and proactive maintenance prevent downtime or problems before they occur.

Best Practice

DBA Remote Database Services (RDS) provide comprehensive high-impact results from the leading database services company. We only specialize in database technologies allowing us to focus our expertise on every aspect of your database environment. Providing worry-free operation and growth for years.

DBA24hrs applies qualified manpower where you need it, in a cost-efficient manner, tailored to your needs. Our certified DBAs have over 10 years database experience and the deepest of community and database manufacturer resources to utilize should the need arise.

Who uses remote database services?

Our RDS provide you with our in-house award-winning monitoring and administration tool “DBLaunch”. Smaller companies that may not require a dedicated database administrator to large multi-national companies who utilize our services to manage their database environment. We can function as the dedicated DBA team where we are your primary contact to ensure your database environment is running normally. In this context, we handle all tickets from business users and support teams.

We can also function as a supplemental DBA team, where we free up the in-house DBA team, allowing them to focus on more productive tasks such as projects, while we maintain the stability of the database environment.

We Manage, Monitor & Tune So You Don’t Have To

Our RDS provide you with our in-house award-winning monitoring and administration tool “DBLaunch” for free. We monitor your database in real time 24/7 and notify named contacts whenever there is a critical event that threatens system operation. Regular status reports keep you apprised of the ongoing health of your environment. Additionally, all service packs patching, installation of new databases, and migrations are handled by our team to provide you peace of mind. Regular performance reviews of the database environment highlight any under-utilized servers that could be consolidated, saving expensive license fees. Our staff and tools provide you with capacity planning, point-in-time recovery, replication, mirroring, high availability, query tuning, table partitioning, and expert advice for worry-free care of your database infrastructure.

  • Real-time monitoring of alerts and proactive maintenance prevent downtime or problems before they occur.
  • Proactive maintenance prevents problems before they occur.
  • 24/7/365 service leaves no gaps in coverage.
  • Named dedicated resource leaders with all DBA24hrs DBAs ensure additional support as required.
  • Regular status updates keep you informed of any issues and required changes.
  • Quarterly health checks ensure service is maintaining your environment within your company and industry standards requirements.
  • The peace of mind of expert database support at a fraction of the cost of full-time employees.
  • Setup and maintain High Availability and Disaster Recovery environments.
  • Report review
  • Staff briefings
  • High level performance overview
  • Hardware / OS / Disk configuration analysis
  • Cluster and partitioning review
  • Schemas, table space, and index analysis
  • Parameter and query tuning
  • Backup strategy
  • Security review
  • Capacity planning analysis
  • Documented results and recommendations
  • Deployment of automated scripts and tools
  • Install database binaries and set up new servers
  • Install and maintain all service packs and hot fix updates
  • Install and operate monitoring software
  • Real-time Monitoring and Alerting
  • Support Portal Access
  • Status Reports (Weekly)
  • Named Customer Contacts
  • Manage Issue Escalations
  • Production Backup Verification (Daily)
  • Database Tuning
  • Database Health Check (Quarterly)
  • Remediate Alerted Issues
  • Status Meetings (Weekly)
  • Primary DB Technical Lead
  • Capacity Planning
  • OS Parameter Tuning
  • Database Best Practice Advice
  • Query Tuning and Table Optimization
  • Index Management
  • User Setup / Security Maintenance
  • Setup and Maintain DR Environment
  • Setup and Maintain Point-in-Time Recovery
  • Additional Resources for Emergency Issues